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If you see the world around you, more so the superfluous media all around the place, you would find it to be strange that friction takes the maximum of media space. The political parties which rule the states and the centre and friction emanating out of it, even while battling the COVID-19. Few years back one the states was having this as its only grouse and the media was feasting on it. The spat between the CAPF officers and the IPS, direct & indirect, is being heavily reported in the media. The friction of the Police and public in the initial days of lockdown also faced the same fate with such videos circulating on the social media.

With publishing machine right there in your hand, social media also creates friction and devours on it. Twitter seems to have to become the official communication handle of the world. There is no denying the fact that this has led to the vitiating of working atmosphere and work culture. It would have been better for sure if any official statement being disseminated on social media should mandatorily have go through the official approval process. That there is a need for a policy that nobody in the official machinery should use personal handles for declaring official statements and declarations or discussing it. What damage President Trump’s twitter feeds do to the causes which are brought on the friction mode?

If friction were to be removed out of the agenda of the media and also the practitioners, there might be a vacuum or famine of articles /posts on these mediums. The beauty of this obsession with friction is so great that in case nothing is forthcoming, they get into the act of creating one. Social media is permanently on verbal duel mode and more often than even the issue is created on that medium itself. Even in individual WhatsApp groups we have friction creators who keep the interest in the group going. This has become our DNA. This is what we like and cherish. Who would do investigative / whistleblower journalism, discover stories of courage and valour, find long buried stories of inspiration and uncover innumerable hidden success stories.

Expecting all this is a tall order. But the lowest ebb for sure is the primetime talk shows, where the anchor and the panelists come prepared to propagate a friction, or create one and battle it out. Popularly known as a debate, it has no elements of it, you would appreciate, if you have ever done debating in your student life. From the frictioned to the fractured seems to be the story of our society and our polity. People who have brought us to this pass would be the ones who would cry the loudest. The purpose and meaning of life can never be friction. It is time to change the narrative.


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