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Touch me not is what will sell in technology in days to come, mostly where physical contact with human beings, surfaces, machines and gadgets were a must. Post COVID-19 has to be a touch free world, given the fact that we don’t know when we would get free of it. At the simplest level, Biometric access control is out for the foreseeable future. Depending on the efficacy of facial recognition in controlled environments and with masters of it being used for access control, it could be standardised. Knowing the temperature of the employee and visitor is a big concern.

If a commercial product hits the market today which can do both; facial recognition for access control and displays temperature, so much needed in the COVID / post COVID-19 world, it would be a super success. AI on the edge can perform lots of other functions and over a period can used for monitoring and performance issues. Touchless technology as they call it, is the future.*Are we ready? Touchless sensing market in growing at the rate of 17.4% and is *expected to touch $15.3 billion in 2025 from $6.8 billion in 2020.

Gestures are next on offer and voice could be used in much larger number of applications across board. The technology uses sensors to recognise you gestures, facial features or voice to complete the task assigned. Siris and Alexas are already there, automatic speech recognition is in place. For gestures computer vision algorithm is used to interpret the sign language. In facial recognition , facial patterns can be used for large number of purposes, sentiments being one of them.

Aviation is bound to be the first adopter of touchless technology given the stringent nature of its requirements. They will have to invest in contact less process. A survival issue. Boarding passes can be printed through gestures or voice. Infosys launched contact less baggage management for a North American airline. Uber is using technology to check if the driver is wearing a mask. It will based on driver’s selfie at the beginning of the journey. Zomato recently launched contactless dining for the post-lockdown world. Touchless is in.


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