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The Human Resource has been a primordial resource, in every society and economy at all stages of human development. As life, society, governance & businesses become more and more complex, the match between requirements & competencies becomes a necessity. In an age which is exponential besides being complex & cut throat, exceptional skills, positivity and capability to innovate, becomes a must.

The HR ecosystem on the face of it seems to be completely in place. A HR policy& a development mechanism. Accredited colleges in place, faculty having all certifications / degrees, cleared entry process and students have met all admission criterias of marks, admissions test et al. Examination mechanism is in place to check student at prescribed periodicity. The Enterprises come to the campuses to pick up these certified products.

The professional HR departments do a professional job and put all their skills for getting the right person for the right job. All seems fine as long as this story is told. Talk to anybody in any sector, the HR is the biggest cause for concern. Meeting targets have become a humungous task. The quality is not matching the requirements. In our blind race for meeting targets and hushing up the shortcomings of the personnel below and above us, we have reached this predicament. This culture we ingrain in most of our professional colleges & take it further.

The story thus gets complete. Ask any of the prominent customers in any field and tale of woe starts. Actually, it starts too early from the competencies of the faculty itself. At the macro level, does our planning take care of demand and supply of number of professionals in different sectors? Do companies adhere to any concept of Strategic HR Management plan? Is it just numbers? It is aligned to the strategic plan of the company? The fault lines are huge. Hushing up any further might decimate the competitive edge once and for all.


Sanjay Sahay

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