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Marketing in yesteryears was limited to the markets; products, commerce, tourism et al. Consumerism then, made a fateful entry. Bastion after bastion fell to it. Hospitals joined the trend; complete with advertisements & marketing. How could education be far behind! With students becoming indirect customers; parents came onto the real radar. The market and customer was being researched upon, not the quality of education. The most successful model of missionaries schools was given a go by. In the new education model, higher you go,  the worse it becomes.

Schools were never advertised still queues begging for a seat. Most of them had made to grade in an organic manner, gelled with the community, quality assured. Not at any more. The community just sees an educational infrastructure coming and hardcore marketing goes underway. The physical organic growth does not happen, it’s installed readymade. The biggest revelation of modern times is that bad education can be imparted in the best of Infrastructure. It stands in stark contrast of good education in a frugal infrastructure.

The Professional education seems to have completely fallen in this trap. The closure of engineering colleges & business schools does not portend well for this country. But this mercenary marketing goes on. The managements have become hyper and continuously remain on the sales pitch. Agents, sub-agents and territories get decided and so are the commissions. This is modern corporate low quality education marketing machine.

No market is spared. The other end of the spectrum, pre-schools have become a segment in themselves. The parents of toddlers are promised with international class pre-school education and it’s being lapped. The transformation of India from a quality less in number education model to a large mass scale substandard education model, seems to getting complete. It’s a travesty of education itself; delivered yet not delivered.

The ultimate triumph of marketing. QUALITY EDUCATION & MARKETING ARE ANTITHETICAL.

Sanjay Sahay

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