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Interoperability is creation of gadgets & systems on the same technical platforms or different platforms having a commonality or interconnect to facilitate usage. The idea is that more customers can remain connected in one system & different competing products can be integrated to provide the solution. This is the direction of technology, though complete interoperability will remain a mirage for both technical & business reasons.

Technical interoperability can take us only some distance. This is when the human interoperability takes over. The capability to understand different domains and technologies only can create an interoperable Human Resource. At the barest minimum level, whatever the domain may be, understating of the generic technologies of the day and specific technologies of your domain can only help you claim the title of being a domain expert. Only such a person can blend domain, technologies & management model for the benefit of meeting his & enterprise’s requirements and finally that of the domain.

The interoperable Professional mentioned will only survive the disruptive age, which is already underway. Extrapolating further, the expertise gained in one area is used elsewhere on this principle. An expertise in Integrated Command & Control Center of the Police can very well be nearly replicated for a Smart City Command Center. The challenge is the diversification into further domains, which beyond the superficial layer might have lots of known basics. Technology too will have its variants with not much of real hardware / software / integration differences. Having the courage & the conviction of making forays into the untrodden makes him the ultimate interoperable human.

Interoperability at the human level is already the sought after trait today, seen by an discerning eye. The most successful ones around would belong to this variant. The Disruptive Exponential Age belongs to them.


Sanjay Sahay

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