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Jargons are words you are desperate to use but you don’t understand the meaning in tangible terms and hence you cannot put them into practice. It has immense appeal. It can create a halo around you which will wither away when you are not able to deliver and the audience would get hooked to a new jargon. A word gets into the category of jargon when it is used for fancy and you are not interested in the real meaning and utility as long as it serves you instant purpose. These words in real terms have immense meaning and utility and the real practitioners can turn the world upside down with them. The degradation of extremely useful pathbreaking terminology used in a flimsy manner for ulterior motives is  jargon. The ulterior motive can even be just showing off your knowledge, when you don’t have any.

Given that jargons have a common place in this country, it was felt worthwhile to have one more post on it. Given the inherent contradiction in the sustainability of jargons the shelf life cannot be very long. We had something called Mega City policing for a long time and which gave way to Smart policing, this is how jargons are slowly passed over the years and both the creators and audience are very happy fondling it. Jargons are used in India, they are used the world over. The policing more or less remains the same. Responsive administration we have heard for times immemorial. The shelf has really been great.

Going a step further we have service delivery at your doorstep. For sometime some mobile vans would appear and then dutifully disappear. Most of the time these jargons are right on the concerned vehicles, so it means that  it comes and goes with it. Technocrats as a jargon  has been in vogue for a long number of years and used as and when  required. Rest of times they are laid to rest. What this jargon means and what it has actually delivered and what it was meant to deliver still remains a matter of conjecture. In fitness of things, every age has a jargon and current predominant one is at the Click of a Mouse. What the mouse can deliver is another story and how the mouse delivers, tech wizards of the Silicon Valley only will be able tell you.

Synthesis is one of the crown jewels in the jargon history of the world and still remains in profuse use. The ones who have never even initiated a discussion with anybody on anything professional also get into glib sync in no time. The beauty of jargon is that it is meant for public consumption and the via media (media) who has to serve it to the public is ready to lap it, at any time. There cannot be a better recipe to make business. Once it reaches them it gains circulation and acceptability and can create an aura for the man and institution in the short run. While model has been in the jargon industry, it can also be said that the jargon model has shared a huge amount of success and limelight. Hard work, intellect and expertise can keep finding its way through the dark alleys for eventual success, if it were to happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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