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Within a few jargons we have limited the narrative of the nation. That is the style and only that is the substance as well. The language you use and the way to dress and the demeanor can provide you adds some outer packaging difference. The positional power can provide you with some neatly written texts shouting out the same jargons from rooftops. A plagiarized version goes down as the sloganeering at the time of the electioneering. Has this country created a new narrative, where thinking, writing and talking in depth and working accordingly does not go down well in this nation. While being completely  and distinctly not in tune with the Digital Age, our jargons are liberally used to convey to the world that  we are on the right track.

We shall start with the first one being public interest. Jargons remain in currency as it can camouflage the real intention.  There not much in this country which is being done in public interest. All governmental and public functionaries use it liberally. There is no definition to it, nor are any ingredients attached to it. The government orders may smell of any rat, the jargon touchstone to be met is the public interest. Besides the public interest, routinely is used when somebody is questioned regarding a major aberration. The beauty of this exercise is that the public has rarely been a part of this exercise and even in the government it is a small coterie which does the act. Governmental transfers happen only in public interest. The same scene translates into working for the society and we have millions of NGOSs in this act not even ready to get their book of accounts audited.

People’s court is a jargon which is used to legalize God knows what all. All crimes, civil and financial aberrations are all legally mandated and procedure of handling is  provided for, in the statute. But the party later wants to prove or disprove it by the verdict of the people’s court. Have the people even be made aware of those issues. People’s court is used in a manner as if referendums are happening on a regular basis. Added to this we have another freak jargon called political maturity. This is supposedly shown by the electorate every single time. What level of maturity the politicians show is known to all of us. Creating a fig leaf for everything is what a jargon is all about.

Freedom of expression has been brought down to jargon for long. The fourth estate has a great fancy for it. In no area has it been defined or the ingredients decided. Either a channel can a run a tirade apportioning all powers of all wings of democracy or somebody can face serious criminal investigation just by a pubic utterance or a social media post. Election arithmetic is another very fascinating jargon, what it means nobody knows but everybody shakes his head. If this is not enough, what do you have to say about winnability to cover all misdeeds of any candidate. Hard facts, data driven, cutting edge have also long been used as jargons in this country.


Sanjay Sahay

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