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If everything is constant for large number of persons, the knack to use is both the first and final differentiator. While the general feeling is that there is hardly any difference between the knack to use, for same category of people, the reality is otherwise. Whether it is a language or a gadget or a knowledge repository, the results, benefits & impact is directly proportional to the knack to use, picked up over a long period of time. This is not related to your education, certificates or even skills gained through education & training. There is no training program for this skill, it has to be experienced and one has to evolve.

Knack is an acquired or natural skill at doing something. The knack is using something. It generally forecloses the natural skill option. Besides everything, it has a element of feeling in using an utility or product. How does somebody makes a more sensible powerpoint presentation every time, when you are convinced that you too are making equal effort and your competence at making ppt is no less. People spend a lifetime to get that feel, that touch and that magic. It becomes a reflex so to say and more often than not get the magical result even before you realise.

The capability to experiment and ready for a free fall any number of times slowly helps to develop a knack to use which belongs to that individual. The structured way of learning can never help you develop the real knack to use, you can at very best become a good user. This emanates out of structured mindset and the mind cannot think about newer and more effective ways of doing that particular activity in the overall framework provided. Use of language at innumerable differential levels would be one of the best examples. The magic happens when you have the knack to use and the best part is that the response of the audience, customer, stakeholders is positive and is automatically forthcoming. This is the litmus test of it.

Achieving the intangible is a great art which does not come easy. This takes a long haul. It is not a practice regimen but every time one gets an opportunity, one has put his heart and mind. The capability to derive the best out of utility / gadget / software – creatively & innovatively, is at the core of this knack. Any utility is what you make out of it & this is the way of doing it.


Sanjay Sahay

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