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Modern day existence is marked by processes in every field of life. Processes as it is expected does the magic. Once the issue, problem, requisition, clarification, project or bill goes through the process, it is supposed to be clearing it through the most objective and stringent checks. The decision, order, rule or law is then supposed to be fit for use. They would both fit the requirements and withstand the normal challenges, which would be posed in that area or issue. It would take care of any legal and judicial scrutiny which would befall any decision of this nature. Fit for general or generic use is the certificate given at the end of the process. This can be termed as the democratic decision making regime.

On the health of the legislative process depends the health of the nation. The quality and effectiveness of the law can be guaranteed only if the legislative process is followed in a sacred manner and reasonable amount of time is provided for this purpose. The quality of debate notwithstanding, how many insertions or deletions or changes have taken place because of a high quality healthy debate, is itself a matter of debate. The whip based legislative system extrapolates into the debate as well. The party based debate. The process which was to give the best possible laws as its product is basically a govt driven, ministry created, legally vetted bill, which generally goes through a mundane process. Least amount of legislative time is used for this purpose.

If everybody was reasonable and sane from a process point of view, there would not have been any need for the process itself. Discretion becomes the antithesis of process. Where else would it be more visible than the executive. With the process laid down, which the governmental structure claims to full proof, there is a near unison opinion that discretion is used for partisanship, bias or favouritism. If the number of cases where govt is a party is to be calculated, it becomes number one litigant in the country. Can it happen in an executive / administrative process which has the capability to deliver only right and nothing else?

The management process basically talks about the corporate world. With total control over the enterprise: the tech, finance, HR, product or service are all oriented to benefit the enterprise. Not that only the internal process throws up issues, they have also developed the capability to play around with the govt regulatory and funding mechanism. We have seen the banking and corporate fiasco enmeshed into one, in the form of the NPAs. The health of the Corporate Governance is indicative of the health of the economy. If the financial, HR and delivery processes are standardised, failsafe, uniform, quality enabled & integrated, broadly human agnostic, it would then be what they claim.


Sanjay Sahay

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