Daily Post 1551


Democracy in this country with every passing day is becoming of the political parties, for the political parties and by the political parties. It would be the eighth wonder in the world, the day they start talking of anything without referring a reference to the inimical political parties. When they find anything unrelated but still a fury in the public domain, which they are forced to face, they would ascribe it to some political party. The biggest code of conduct for political parties which will elevate Indian democracy to a totally different level is to talk, work and deliver independent of the political galaxy, for the people. Every single debate on the TV is a battle between which party did what?

The Indian political history and might be the government history too has become war of quoting manifesto points, statements / proceedings of various committees; legislature or executive, pronouncement made by leaders and any governmental official comment / commitment / delivery or otherwise. It seems as if the country is sitting up to watch this soap opera endlessly. The political class is convinced of the fact that the Indian masses deserve only this and the they can continue with their endless journey. This provides a nature of unaccountability to the political parties, the political class and by extrapolation the governments, which is beyond anybody’s imagination.

The campaigning preceding an election or for that matter all throughout the year, because there is an election somewhere or the other; small or big, is not measured in what you have delivered to the people but how much you have been able to denigrate the other. Demonising is the name of the game. Any incident, even created and a narrative made on it, has to be sold in a manner that it is lapped by the electorate. Which leader is visiting where and what he speaks and how he is rebutted by the opponents is the fun and frolic of elections. It has for long lost its utility, significance and need but for the political parties.

Given this scenario government, as a non-political entity and the bifurcation of power, de facto, between legislature and the executive gets more and more blurred. The common denominator, that is the political party, becomes one engine propelling both. Whether a parliamentarian or a legislator is ready to accept himself only as a law maker is not a catch 22 question! Whether the electorate elects him mainly as a law maker or a government functionary above all others, is not a difficult question to answer. What happens is what happens, even endless reading of the constitution will not unravel the mystery for them.


Sanjay Sahay

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