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Is there an operational system, our own innovative self-creation, which is the real one, within the overall copybook system that we so passionately talk about and are legally mandated with? Without the lip service to real one, the one which provides all the aura, in this case that democratic aura, nothing cannot be allowed run. It would be struck down at a variety of places for technical reasons. The challenge of our existence is what we are legally wedded to, is the system which we have no connection but for the benefits it delivers for us and in this context it means only the ruling class, we forced to provide the façade of legal sanctity.

If the system was to be complied with in the manner in which it should happen de-jure, then how does it so happen, then the least knowledgeable of this trade and having no expertise of it, are able to perform like heros. We have not found a single instance where their expertise has come in way, or they have felt the need to upgrade their skills, or the needed any soft skill training to pull them emotionally or attitudinally. Suffice to say, that the main players of the democratic game have created an over prevailing system, which the system well known to the world and people are comfortable and keeps validating on a near perpetual basis.

Laws are made without law makers now knowing anything about law from IT to Company Law or the Money Laundering Law et al. The definitions, sections, ingredients, application, enforcement, et al, are created in the manner the do, no one can provide a satisfactory answer. The nature of legal statutes regimen does not deserve any debate even. Talent, merit, expertise is the ruling principle of bureaucracy with transparency and performance attached to it. Does it not mean political postings? How long can we believe these principles work, when elected representatives are arbiters of official / bureaucratic postings.

At the cutting-edge level, which elected representative is even ready to tolerate an officer not of his choice in “jurisdiction.” A constituency has become an executive jurisdiction! A well accepted operational executive norm, which has now been accepted across the country. Rules can be changed to accommodate the super stars even beyond retirement. The procurements don’t fall prey to ignorance of procedures, but at times even with the best efforts, some loose legal ends come out in the open. On a regular basis the system runs fine, where the real one, rules the legal one. More often than not, it is the endeavour of the powers that be, that the bottlenecks are enabled by conducive performers. There is rewards programs attached to everything. The current day outpouring in the public domain proves the capability of the operational system to take care of the legally mandated one, nearly successfully. Over decades of such practice, professional seamlessness has creeped in too.

Sanjay Sahay

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