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Media and criminal justice is a topic which has never been attempted upon. The usurped name of the Republic, by a TV channel (though name legally tenable), is unfolding a saga never ever seen in the criminal justice ecosystem of this country. Media by its genealogy are presumed to the well versed in the politics, governance and laws of the country, at least in the same precedence. It gains immense pre-eminence in the backdrop of expertise they claim on these topics while conducting their Daily Media Durbar euphemistically called Talk Shows. With the credentials of the vast majority of the cutting edge journalists unknown, we are in for a ride, with the immense power of the media they unleash they way they want.

Courts have earlier also commented on the knowledge / expertise of some journalists pertaining to the criminal justice system, crazy hashtag topics and running campaigns on purely investigative and legal matters. Unfortunately, the saga goes on. It’s getting crazier by the day. The tenor of large sections of the media to speak on governance as experts is a old story, now it has gone to the nitty gritty of criminal investigation, juridical trial and even the prison and correctional services. Loose talk is hottest profession of the day, that can take you places in this country.

The way Sushant Singh Rajput case has been exploited by all and sundry can put any civilised nation to shame. Each one of us have declared the right to call oneself and one’s enterprise as the paragon of democracy, constitution, law, justice, integrity, honesty and propriety. And keep repeating it at the fall of a hat and use it as a defence against any action or criticism. The effort and expertise to run the criminal justice system machine with full ownership, responsibility and accountability cannot even be imagined by the loose talkers who have achieved things easy. The financial gains have also been immense. The contours of the media enabled Republic is changing drastically.

From the 24/7 news (comedy) to media trial to a ball by ball commentary of an ongoing investigation, arrests and the connected judicial process will go down as the maiden achievement of the Republic. They continue to take pot shots on the investigation on their TV channel and keep following police vehicles (was it not the job of the police to chase) in a total disregard to a case that is sub judice. Extra legal we can call it. Commenting on which jail to be lodged, vituperative talk by by guests on the delivery of criminal justice and appealing to the courts form middle of the road or from outside jails is what dystopia is made of. The criminal case has taken a complete backseat. Justice does not deal with extraneous factors.


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