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Is it possible to create a surreal social media world, more so for people who don’t have to face the harsh vagaries of life? And a whole generation of children who have already made it their world? With life becoming totally mediated by the screen, has this been further aggravated? Was the propaganda at the time of the US Presidential Election 2016 real? Did Brexit referendum results have anything to do with the social media campaign? What all happens at the backend, has the capability to create an addiction, where even the most rational, are forced to believe in the surreal.* That is what is going on all around. Misery can be projected as success and might be the vice versa too.

A vitiated voice is not a voice. In every technology the crooks have been the best performers, it has been as true of internet in the initial days as of Blockchain technology better known by it cryptocurrency avatar Bitcoin today. The early believers of social media reaped huge benefits out of it. They became its first full practitioners. They learned the hard uncanny knack of creating a different social persona from what you actually are. In an unauthenticated world, what you write is final and then in the Amway multi-level marketing way, you grow, grow and grow. This is social media version of PowerPoint presentation, the comprehensive way. You nature & work is of no great value, you have to understand the nature of the medium and that every platform is different. Rest is history.

You have to develop the knack to be on it all the time. Everything plays for this purpose. And lo and behold it has created it own celebrities, influencers and what not? How can your “physical hard work and toil” be completely integrated with social media communication on multifarious platforms on near real time basis is the challenge. Whether you have been able to report to your Boss or not is immaterial, you have to report to your social media well wishers. Then comments and thank you and what not. Endless. The pictures and videos should match your every move. Dialogues and lyrics too. You tend to remember, ”Every breath you take, every move you make, I will be watching you.” The style and quality of pics has seen a commendable and a refreshing change. People have been able to maintain the gloss even in the heart wrenching COVID-19 times.

This mindset and thought stretches to thinking of solving everything through digital camouflage. The War Rooms and Apps are the digital value add to solid ground level, cutting edge physical work, based on immense expertise and one of its kind involvement. It cannot be in lieu to that. The brick and motor has to happen. Social media has beaten surreality and uselessness of the 24/7 electronic news media and is exponentially surging ahead with every passing day. Our social and professional persona have become strategies; the digital media strategy. Success is measured on the parameters of social media existence. A new TRP formula, which is globally benchmarked has been created. One day this would become their asset. Might be it already has. Monetisation may be the natural fallout.


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