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Talk to the people about not being able to do something and see the response, you would taken aback to hear that he had not part to play in the failure. Somebody else was responsible for it. Not that this is excusable but the more serious practitioners of the game, instead of blaming somebody, declare it as a success. Can inverted pyramids ever be successful. India’s governance and corporate history is replete with such instances and it keeps continuing till it comes down crashing. To fail or not to fail is a option which you always have and more often than not, we exercise in favour of failure but make pronouncements of super success. This the biggest irony of our times.

How many failures have you seen in the life of hardworking and focused persons? How many persons have you seen failing who are unaffected by the outside world? How many persons you have seen failing, who have no formula connecting effort with success? Your body and mind are biggest assets not accountable to anybody else, then why this calculation. All battles are fought at the level of the mind, once it is designed for success, success would always be yours. The issue is whether your mind has been to design for success. The difficult part is for you to understand yourself, measure the way to work and think, take pressure or crack under it, nature of guidance required, leading types or being led types etc. The winning formula has to be found out from what you have and know the levels you can elevate yourselves to.

The gap between what you imagine of the world and what you actually are is what is failure all about. If you are not in this vicious cycle ,yuo will get up again, prove your worth and be successful. They are the people for whom everything is mere learning till the time they achieve. It is romanticism with failure. Have you seen people preparing endlessly for what they intend to achieve without any straight target or milestone, only the direction is known. He seems to have left it to destiny. What an approach to life, in nebulous work being so clear about only preparation and not about the exact target. They are men of steel, heart and mind meant for a higher goal. Today or tomorrow they have to achieve.

As Clayton Christensen had so vividly put, when preparation meets opportunity, its luck. This is a seminal thoughts of the one of the best management thinkers of all times. Is this our understanding too of any of the three elements discussed and their combination; preparation, opportunity and luck. Without getting into the preparation part of it, opportunity for us means that somebody is waiting with open arms to hug you. Rarely, it happens so in the real world but everybody seems to be nursing this dream. Luck has its own connotation and meaning. When something falls in your lap even without you thinking of it. Luck in other terms means effortless achievement. Living is whether you have been able to fathom your route to success. Rest all is failure.


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