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A superficial audit of the professional world around us to locate enterprises, organisations, government & its agencies which can be certified as accountable based on their decades of past performance would actually throw up very few. The gap between the number of organisations which are accountable and the ones which are not defines the growth trajectory of the nation. Transparency in accountability it the ultimate touchstone. The official mannerisms of professionals around gives us a clear indication of the direction in which we are moving on the accountability index.

Accountability Index can be a sure shot tool which would make accountability measurable and organisations can be graded. How we develop that tool based on understanding of the domain and its business logic will decide the depth of accountability issues covered. The objectivity should be beyond doubt and as far as possible measurable. We have reached a level today where all performance can be effectively translated into points. Once the formula is on, the accountability report is out. Managing performances, annual governance / administration reports and audits have become the order of the day. The professional functioning has been degraded.

Accountability is the final product even beyond targets and deliverables. Only if everything is properly aligned and may be seamless, the results will come out as acceptable on the Accountability Index. This would throw the inconsistencies hidden so far in the most conspicuous manner. The work load in an organisation critical to the nation keeps getting carried for years together, still every single senior member and head of the organisation are supposed to have performed exceedingly well. They have not even been able to come out with a plan to bring down the work load in a systematic manner, till the time it becomes manageable. The statutes coming out without discussion can be one of the major elements of unaccountability. Does it even figure in our scheme to things? Has anybody ever been made accountable for a bad law.

There are organisations which cannot be even commented upon for unaccountability. They have created an iron curtain around them, the fascinating part is that the world has been made to believe that way. And the world does. Some of institutions who are there to make everybody else accountable are unaccountable themselves. Nobody can make them accountable. The don’t believe in right to privacy. Liberty of others they have forgotten long time back. Electronic and social media today have the potency to create an open jail for whosoever they want. In a totally different world, the unaccountability in IT industry can be seen in the variety of pricing they have for the same product / service. Price discovery does not work.


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