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The role of the team in organisational success is an well accepted across the world. Whether it was the two member founding team later with Eric Schmidt and others which created the Google wonder to the ISRO team which is consistently doing wonders, way beyond what anyone could have imagined. The founding team of Infosys kept guiding it for decades, carrying the vision, mission, commitment and energy with which it was founded. That helped it immensely to bloom and find its place in the sun. If you go for a start up funding, the first thing they look for a great team, project, technology and vision will come later.

What is team? A group of professionals who would make a project happen, create a successful enterprise, develop academic and research institution out of nowhere and elevate processes to a different level, delivering concrete results. The group has a shared vision and a passion which can set anything on fire. The attitude, mindset and a never say never die approach is the differentiator. The sum total of team is way beyond totalling their qualifications, expertise and experience. It is the overall energy which can make the proposed achievement / change happen. They would never be satisfied with anything but for achieving the vision.

The team are of all varieties; good, bad and ugly. Effective, non-effective or anything in between. Unfortunately, team today is mostly bringing in straight jacketed professionals to deliver a project or run the operations. It does not fit into any of the parameters mentioned above. Even simple projects to delivery, needs a team fulfilling all the traits mentioned. Humungous, technology driven and complex projects planning, creation and operations cannot happen without The Team in its purest form. Before we launch anything, creation of the team is the killer pre-requisite.

How many of such teams have you heard of? For how long do they stay together? Can a professional become a member of such a team without sharing the behavioural traits? Do you need only such a team throughout the gestation period of the project? How are path breaking, cost intensive projects being run in the govt.? We have become accustomed to inaugurations and pronouncements, to make them into reality is a team which is needed. The purpose of the government is to provide such teams, leave them unhindered to deliver the project with passion and in the process bring the desired change and development and sustain it too.


Sanjay Sahay

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