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Unravelling the key to be a great performers has been an area of research for quite some time. That might open the vistas of large scale development of top performers. The conclusion of the book “TALENT is Overrated,” by Geoff Colvin, tries to make this enigma more understandable. The final question at the end this research is, “where the drive to persevere come from?” May be a research into parenting can be an answer. A parent has to: “develop an independent individual who has chosen to be involved in his activity. It’s you as a parent can make individual freed to reach these levels and aware that is going to be a long process.” This happening is extremely rare.

The scientists have not been able to explain fully as to why certain people put themselves, out of their own sweet will, through years or decades of “punishing, intensive daily work that eventually makes them world class great.” The author goes on to say that depends on your answers to two basic questions: “What you really want? & What you really believe?” All great performers would have answered these questions to themselves, before getting on the journey to super excellence.

What you want is important because deliberate practice is a heavy investment. Only one who wants to reach the goal of extraordinary power can make it. It needs to sacrifice normal relationships & be obsessively committed to work & be ready to pursue at the cost of other individuals. Desired want is first killer.

The second question is more profound. What do you really believe?” Do you believe that if you do the work, properly designed, with intense focus for hours a day and years on end, your performance will grow dramatically better and eventually reach the highest levels?” Yes to this question is the clincher. The diffenentiator. The first mover. A failure immune human being. Rare ones. Rest base it on innate talent, lack of general abilities; blame it on these at the first setback & scoot to their cocooned existence. What a tragedy for mankind, supposedly made of immense potential!


Sanjay Sahay

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