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Professionals in any field are the most valued of the community in that area. The modern-day complex techno-management world is a world of professionals. Every group of professionals vie with the other to be known as a better bunch of professionals. Inside an organization, professionals vie with each other to proves themselves to be better professionals, on the parameters the organization has laid down. Their becomes the parameter of their performance and lots of financial and other perks are tied to it. It also gives you more visibility in the organization which has its added benefits as the times passes by in the professional ladder.

Besides, what expertise they gain in practice, they also need to get certifications, i.e., gaining higher knowledge and skills for next higher level of jobs. Sometimes, over time it may required for the same job. Positions are connected to the first degree, then to certifications and at times lateral degrees, as in the case of management compliment a variety of professions. In most of the professions most of it has been standardized and most of the professionals are happy to fulfil the qualifying benchmark. Yearning to learn above and outside of the chessboard is generally not seen. Sustain to keep improving oneself is not an easy job.

There are few professionals who can become that die hard. Then there is the battle for awards, medals, rewards, recognition et al inside and outside the organization. There is ongoing battle to max with a very clear-cut interest to leap frog in their professional career. To navigate their professional world professionally, has today become the biggest trait of a professional. There are standard methods you need to follow. The diehard professional has slowly gone missing. Where only expertise speaks on behalf of the professional, nobody knows when it would become a truism of our professional existence. The ultimate professional is wedded to his expertise, die hard to pick up whatever it take to be best in that profession.

He also has the capability deliver extraordinary today and every day, and has the vision to look beyond for next five or ten years or even beyond and accordingly, educates, trains and practices for that day. He is not bothered about anything else but delivery and all the above adds to it. Over a period of time he is ready to do any level of experimentation alone or in a team to solve the knotty problems in that area, and make his area surge in competition to other comparative fields. He is not interested in standard certifications, nor is he bothered about the generic medals, awards and praises that are showered at the end of it. Instead, he charters his own way and becomes a torch bearer of that profession. People can vouch for his knowledge and expertise and is available to help, train, guide and mentor anyone who comes for help. They are ones who change any profession most professionally.

Sanjay Sahay

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