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The value of money has been treated as a constant by the normal human mind. People who have gone through the vicissitudes of life have always treated money differently. The corporatization of hospitals made us believe that if you had the money, best of medical facilities would be readily available. That fun and frolic would always be yours, once the money is your side. Money is the most hyped deliverer of the modern world, nonetheless it has maintained its charm since times immemorial and continues to ignite human minds in every way. The value of money is what it delivers.

COVID-19 has been the biggest leveller history has ever known. It is certainly the only tragedy the whole world has been facing simultaneously. It has impacted all big and small with the same intensity. Money could not make much of ao difference. British PM got the scare of his life. Even if you escape the disease, the fear will keep gripping you, that is equally killing for all. Money cannot help you escape this debilitating fear. If you have lots of money and you depend on outside assistance, they may be the carriers. There is no way you can make out from where this disease comes and at what stage you would get to know of it. If you get afflicted, you would land into a designated hospital, how far it’s of your choice, nobody knows. Worse still you might not get a bed.

Whatever might be your bank balance, you cannot go for medical treatment aboard. The air travel ban and hospital facilities not even available for the local population, comes in way. The food has to be necessarily spartan. The availability of ration, non-availability for restaurants or readymade food of the quality accustomed to, the risk involved in getting outside food etc brings life to a very different level. A degraded one. The moneyed had never imagined this sort of life, inclusive of the spoilt middle class. It seems at times as if God had decided to teach us a lesson.

Which business would get busted when, nobody knows. When will one lose his job is yet another precarious question. This brings you mentally at the same level of a manual labourer losing his job. The fear of hunger adds a life and death situation. Gone are the parties, the selfies, the manyavars, the airport pics, and unnecessarily jet set life. The cost of clothing of the bride and groom earlier would certainly be enough now to take care of 50 persons attended marriage. No one would like to go either to jail for violating the Epidemics Act or to the hospital for having got infected of COVID-19, from the marriage party. Going to salon would be worse than traversing whole of Pakistan without a visa. With the mask on who is there to appreciate you even if you do the salon honours at home. God has given us the last chance to evaluate money sensibly.


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