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The videofication of the world is happening at a stupendous pace. Video was fanciful till just a few years back, has now become the currency of the day. It has left behind any medium by miles, going by the quantum of video content we consume and its exponential increase by the day. Truly, we have entered the Video Age. Without video nothing moves, from socializing to entertainment, and from holidays to product launches and literally video teasers for everything has become the order of day. Recently, I saw a VC introducing his university through a video.

The video also provides message and the movement to the large part of the professional population, who would like to endanger themselves, putting their neck on the chopping block of business development, marketing, pre-sales and connected areas of activities and work. The message is straight, crisp and precise. Video as a medium is catchier than anything else, brings you as near to reality as possible, or brings for you the best of hype. There is generally no literacy barrier when it comes to taking the message across to masses. It enhances the beauty and expertise of the specialist, and provides them with the reach of different kind.

Whatever might to the content, glamour and relevance of a video, it needs a consistent platform that could make it available all the time. It has to play unlike a picture or text. Social media filled that void. And it came for free too. That enticed people to hop on to it and they did. By the time they realized the transformation was complete, they were already wedded to the video, coming with the 24/7 platform; the social media. Besides the regular social media, YouTube channels have created a world for themselves. They transformed quality, content, reach and monetization of it.

Education moving on video tutorials was truly transformative. You have the study material with you which can consumed at your own sweet pace, can be gone through any number of times. Animation provided a different dimension to the video content, broadly falling in the same category. The acceptability went on increasing, with gaming as well. And now in the world of artificial intelligence, with GPUs doing wonders, we are at the cusp of another video revolution, an AI created one. The fusion is also likely to happen and content which could not have been imagined so far is just about to be rolled out.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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