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Try imagining the handwriting of persons you know and you will realise that you barely know anybody’s handwriting, hopefully you would be remembering your own. Type by whichever keyboard and on whatever format has become the order of the day. Physical pics to digital pics has been another transformation and in the process Kodak got wiped out. iPod the most successful electronic gadget ever, left the market in the fastest time. Today, the music can keep streaming endlessly at throwaway data rates. Similarly, give a serious thought on what communication medium you are consuming the most and it has got to be video.

YouTube sensed the business opportunity quite sometime back and reaped it to the fullest. Today video content has been enabled on all the social media platforms to an extent that the videos start playing automatically. The uploading of pics and video have been brought to the same comfort level. This has given further strength to this medium. Have you spent even a day recently when you have not watched any video content? This has already become the most widely used medium of the day. Life was already being mediated by the screen and with COVID-19 hitting us hard, the screen has become our life, remember the videos of Wuhan with JCBs working frantically.

Today everybody is out to max this opportunity and is hopping on to the video mode, trying not be left out of the race. How well can a teacher handle the video medium would matter, if she were to be a good teacher. At the other end of the spectrum are the TikTok videos adding so much of fun and humour to life and with it moolah to the company. COVID-19 has made video the default mode, either you are there or you are nowhere at all. The most watched videos are in the 2mins / 3 mins format and if you are able to max it with world class content, you have made it big. Videos getting viral decide the fates of people.

The number of times a video is watched is a social barometer and gets monetised too. Lots of social media companies pay you a reasonable sum out of the advertising revenue for your videos watched, independent of everything, it can become a stable source of revenue. Proficiency with the video medium would be a sought after skill, as we go by. The creation of video can happen on every single gadget, we lay our hands on today. Your professional expression will get a boost out of this medium. If you are on the wrong side of the Video Divide, you will be the loser. Every skill has to be mastered and this is no different, the earlier the better.


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