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The lack of self discipline has costed the country dear in variety of areas, over and over again. The small examples which we generally keep quoting is actually a manifestation of much larger malaise, affecting nearly every aspect of existence and growth. It is so subtle that most of the times you will not be able to make out. How do you explain the tendency to evade, of deliberate duplicity or talking in different tunes on the same issue, depending on the context and the persons involved? Are these not a result of total lack of discipline.

Roads have been the best manifestation of this great behavioural trait of Indians. We stand at the top fatalities figures the world over. We can blame it on any number of issues from road engineering to enforcement. Every factor remaining constant, if there were to be much greater level of self discipline ,wouldn’t it have helped. The story would have been totally different. The resources in this resource scarce economy gets frittered in the task of useless enforcement. Conversely, the time saved from this effort could have been creatively used for betterment of the systems. In general, when the mind is not free from petty enforcement, can constructive / creative ideas be generated.

The whole Indian Police battling it out to keep the citizens indoors is a standing testimony to the ultimate lack of discipline. In the gravest of dangers, of COVID-19, the behaviour on our roads was certainly not worthy of a nation on the verge of becoming technological powerhouse. What more awareness can be created when every media was blaring of the same? Lack of discipline has become our trademark, hoodwinking our favourite pastime. The general feeling that they are not the losers is really humiliating for the ones who are disciplined and want to see a positive change.

The story continues. The lockdown 3.0 has provided people to hit for work etc. There is some flurry of activity in the market. Large number of people are not wearing a mask, very few of the ones who do, are wearing it properly. This is our ultimate guard against this disease. For a country boasting of mathematical brains, six feet distance we have not been able to measure in our minds. Pillion riding is quite visible. The lack of discipline has reached a level where a genuine scare also doesn’t make sense. What is way out of this predicament? Educational system or more enforcement. For the moment we are in a Catch 22 situation, losing our scare resources in disciplining them, when forced to.


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