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There are no two lives. There are not two different ways of having the biological lifecycle; childhood, teens, adulthood, middle age, old age and associated issues with that. That life has choices and they would remain open for long periods of time, is a misconception, we have been taught to live, to our detriment. For everything one does, if there were to be a fall-back plan, life would have so different and with it also the luxury to put the blame of your failure on somebody else. By any stretch of imagination, even if you believe it that way, you have own it, and finally make a success out of it. Our very understanding of success and failure somehow plays on our mind, while getting into the abstract construct of Plan B.

For the most basic issue of life; what is plan B for hunger? The hunger in the stomach transforms into fire in the belly, the issue remains the same, whether you can do it or not? If is door is slammed right on the face on a salesman, what plan B can he fall back upon, he has to pick the shreds of grit and make a success at the next door and next door. At the end in a different way, he might end up creating a very successful business, every element of experiential learning adds to your expertise toolbox, transforming you into a life fighting arsenal. If the world’s success rate has been completely diluted, it primarily out of plan B mindset. When most of people proclaim that they are living their passion, why success does not come out of it. To make success out of you, if you job, if you are not ready for that, nobody else will do it for you, you can any number of plans; b c d till the end of the alphabet and beyond.*

Do you have a plan B for low marks? Can we have a plan B for lack of knowledge? When desperation is name of the game, then only things happen. When calculation of effort and hardships ends, you will not need a plan B. All successes have happened after meandering into the possibilities, which hardship and struggles provided and the world taught. Finding possibilities out of closed doors, dead ends and blind corners, is what Plan A is made of. It is not a plan, it a desperate attempt and an endless effort to make a life out of your life. What was the plan B for Gandhi or Nelson Mandela? If they had one, what would have been our fate?

Success is desperation turned upside down. This is the fire in the belly which may subside only at the final accomplishment. What was the plan B for Jamnagar refinery or for that matter Tesla? Expertise does not have a plan B, whether in a skill or art or in the art of making life a success. And you have to do it on your own. Life does not give much choices, rationally thought hardly any, what you finally decide for or are forced into by destiny, penury, hunger or whatever, is your plan of life. When plan B or C also fails, then you get into managing things, an art in which Indians have a huge expertise in and also have a history of. While being bootstrapped, against all odds, with no other resources either, entrepreneurs have made a success of themselves, gave us products and services, which have changed the lives and made the world a much better place to live in. In completely changed Plan B type start up ecosystem, where everything is available on the platter, what is the success rate?

Sanjay Sahay

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