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Dialogue should both be thrilling and rewarding. This is the pulse of any democracy and the vibrancy index of any enterprise. The best of the dialogues have transpired in legislatures and constituent assembly type formations across the globe. United Nations was supposed to take it further. Mechanical compliance and everybody looking for orders / directives is the antithesis of democracy. On the other hand, the vast majority of the population not being able to think original is the true curse of the ecosystems, we have created. When there is no dialogue, from where will creativity and innovation come from.

We have been made to believe that creativity and innovation is the domain of technology. It’s so sad that humanities, liberals arts and governance have deliberately kept themselves out of it. Without these two major traits which vocation or discipline can exist in the first place, in the 21st century. The main battle of ours is with our laws and our systems. How will those change, if we don’t have any dialogue. The GenNext has the worldly skills, technology and wisdom which can make change happen. Can we be on the same page without the trait, ability and heart to indulge in a dialogue and take it to its logical conclusion and utilise it’s conclusions and built on it.

Whatever might be your profession ranging from being a politician, bureaucrat, engineer, judge, academician, researcher et al, how many times, if any, have you found an atmosphere of dialogue in your organisation. Anybody you talk to has the same refrain that the work atmosphere is stifling. To deliver so little we have created so much of tension, if we were to deliver in tune with the 21st century, God only knows what we would have done. The human capital remains completely unutilized, if there is no dialogue or even worse still, when there is a sham of dialogue created. We have original expertise in this trade.The more the dialogue the sharper gets the brain, the stress and tension goes down in a commensurate manner and contribution of the individual to the organisation and society increases immensely.

Lack of dialogue if pushed a bit further would actually mean lack of democracy. How can you have an internal democracy without dialogue? Inclusive of the very critical ones, every one should get a chance in what can be called an Open Dialogue Regime. Whether it is a spiritual organisation or a political party, fresh air and fresh thoughts are not warranted. These can be organisations of any thought process or of any nature of spirituality. All wisdom has already been aggregated, anything more would break the system. Decadent system don’t thrive, they just exist, in the absence of anything else. The deserving, the capable, the ones with the capability to learn and to lead would come out of dialogue enabling ecosystems. This is the key to human growth, development and civilisation. Let’s not stifle it.


Sanjay Sahay

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