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The rules of the game are changing right under our feet and the world is not realising the same. The free ride of the IT behemoths means mortgaging your freedom, ex-social media, what would follow is way worse. While technologists are singing tunes of the benefits of technology, it’s ugly underbelly has also to be taken care of, for preserving our freedom and values we stand for. The hacks which we hear or experience on a regular basis, we are all aware of, but it takes a thinker like Yuval Noah Harari, also a celebrated author in this field to give us the roadmap. He says we face an unprecedented challenge to humanity when humans become ”Hackable Animals.” The real game changer would be when corporations and governments hack your body and your brain.

The unfathomable black box is the way he the describes human mind and the whole gamut of sentiments and emotions, which will be out in the open. Everything becomes both known and open to use, misuse, disuse and manipulation. All this is actionable intelligence which the intelligence and espionage agencies have been dying for, all throughout their existence. Parents would know their children and lover’s could peer into each other’s heart, he says, but the knowledge gathered by priests, merchants and tyrants was only skin deep. We are at a precise moment in history when biology is merging with computer science.

The external system for this purpose needs a lot of biology to accumulate data and having done that, it needs sufficient enough computing power. A power which KGB and FBI could never reach. They would know about your political views. Some used cases though crude can be US Presidential Elections 2106 and Brexit. Moving further the ultimate digital thinker of our times says that biometric surveillance would let governments and corporations know not only what you are listening to but also what you are feeling. Biometric bracelet would do that job. Biometric sensors can look into your heart and gauge everything through perfected algorithms.

Voter knows the best, customer is the king and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder can just become a passe. ”Follow your heart and think for yourself, all this becomes doubtful once an external system can hack humans and learn their deepest fears and desires.” An external agent watching your heart 24 hours a day would certainly know much better than you. When human beings are hacked, how do we protect democracy. When a computer algorithm can know us much better than our mother or lover is a challenge which the present generation has to sort out. We have already taken that direction.


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