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The pace, quantum, variety and mode of data, information and knowledge transfer and its appearance on the different screens and formats we handle makes it inherently transitory. There was time when life moved at the human pace, many interactions happened unplanned, sufficient time we had for all we knew; friends, family, acquaintances etc and their interconnected ones too. We found fun and satisfaction in every interaction, trip, tour, social activity and events, the experiences assimilated in heart and mind way beyond pics and tweets and long lasting relationships got created, which could stand through thick and thin. Networking for social usage was unheard of.

Then all changed and changed and sill unfolding; computers, digital, virtual, connectivity and its hyper version and on the top of it all the Social Media, 24/7/365 communication platform. The Digital Pop Ups, popularly known as notifications, are unplanned but ever awaited. How many friends can you handle? What topics make sense to you? What time is suitable to you for intense / flimsy / carefree interaction? Do you follow every notification and every conversation on you social media?

The permanence of the platform, endlessness of time and non erasure of messages in the Social Media World can still provide you only transitory experiences. Generally, there are no outstanding experiences which keep coming back to you. If you try remembering a few worthwhile ones, there would be few and far between. Some might not have any. In the days of a few photographs shot for the occasion/s, those would stick on to you for a long time, if not a lifetime. Lest we forget.

That one pic or a few pics could give both the feeling and assurance of a lifetime. That all changed to Photo Op in the electronic media age and now life has converged into a pic. Pics need to happen, might be events are incidental. Experiences, feelings, sensations are lost in the dopamine secreted by likes, emojis and notifications. The consumerist world has got a match in digital medium created transitory existence. Nothing stays to propel. How does life propel to its fulfilment and purpose?


Sanjay Sahay

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