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Lingo is the language and speech, especially the jargon, slang or argot, of a particular field, group or individual. The moot question is what does the jargon connote to? Is jargon the only distinguishing factor between different groups, professionally or socially or economically at different levels? Is jargon deliberately used as a tool of differentiation? And final point is it accepted across society to provide visible of superiority / inferiority, merit or the lack of it.

The professionals jargon developed over a period of time necessitated by the functioning of that field is to facilitate a common language of operation. The problems is when it translates into lingo, more closer to day to day language, yet maintaining its distinctiveness astutely. In today’s India, it has just become a tool to flaunt, the corresponding differentiation in the quality of work, the delivery, the behaviour, the mindset, the urge to prove, the feeling of shame, the disinclination to defend the indefensible are all blatantly missing.

The cutting edge is gone, only the lingo continues. Quite sadly so. What is the difference between a clerk and multinational consultant, its this. The knowledge and expertise lies with the former, the lingo lies with the latter. The lingo gets translated in gloss, the quality of paper, the print, the design and the same incomprehensible data / number in pie charts and diagrams and even more modern variants. The camouflaged lingo of the Professor smacks of archaic study material, thought process and non-involvement, which is exactly the same as the lesser ones of the same profession.

Does the international lingo bring in the capability of replication of those case studies? Is that even our intention? Just quoting it left, right and centre, picking up the lingo, trying to prove one’s superiority in the process is like selling an empty packet. From the project papers to the dissertations the differentiating factor might be just the lingo. Both don’t see the light of the day. Is this the only vestige of professionals!


Sanjay Sahay

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