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The festivals transcend the normal thought process and mindset and infuses in us a renewed vigour and freshness to prepare for the festival and the festivities, long and elaborate. As it approaches both mood and effort picks up, culminating in one of its kind experience. We reminiscence it all throughout the year and narrate it as and when we get a chance. As if the old systems of yore has not been enough, new activities in the form of events, quite intricate are is added to the list of festival related activities.

No one actually bothers that the work that gets added up in the process. They do it happily and willingly. The precision, creativity and contextual innovation related to the performance of the Pujas; the ideas, craftsmanship, the timelines and meticulous delivery from the idols, pandals, performance of the Puja, following all that as is religiously mandated, is seen to the believed. The whole exercise elevates us to the seamless performance level. All throughout the process, never ever the idea hits our mind that the work will not be accomplished or would be only partially accomplished.

We want to do everything. Picture prefect. In Festivals. And document it also that way. At least the pics & video narrate this story. Can we not extrapolate this vigour and effort to all that we do as a part of our duty? Professionally, can we not deliver carrying the same sentiments, freshness and the perseverance in all the official tasks we do. Can we not provide the same sanctity to what is our bread and butter? The task for which we listen to and deliver volumes on professionalism.

How many times do we find ourselves in a mood to grab our task / work and make a stupendous success out of it. Or is it just meeting the goals and cook a stupendous story out of it. For the work which is our own, we need motivation from outside and incentives to follow. Is is the right approach? All need perfect congenial atmosphere and also the best employer. Forced into work? Willingness for financial compensation only? Our approach to work has to change, the model we all know.


Sanjay Sahay

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