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These three names mark the present Presidency of the US and also the loss of four years in its history. While the first and third names are too well known the world, the middle one has for sure taken the center stage of late for people who follow American and international politics. What a dance of democracy has it been, a paradigm shift in the realpolitik, the role of extraneous / unseen forces in elections, the foes coming together for ulterior motives, technology taking an upper hand over law, the conduct of the President, the Twitter communications, the Mueller probe and nowhere to go.

While the Mueller testimony to the Congress is making waves all across the globe, the man who headed FBI for 11 long years, did not speak with the force of finality which the country deserved, for having reached where it has. The professional excellence of the ace investigator could not have failed him, till the time he did not decide to fail himself. His avatar as the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2106 US Presidential election and related matters would be etched in American history for all times to come.

The legality or the illegality of the President was in question and so was the faith in democracy in the fast changing technological times – when decisions can be manipulated in ways it cannot be proven till long after it been attempted / done or never. The 448 page report with meticulous investigation / research / evidence collection does not seem to have made the world any wiser on this topic. The basic tenet of report writing of settling facts doesn’t seem to have impacted one of the best known investigators of the US.

A dedicated and detailed round of congressional hearing also does not seem to have sorted out matters. America, Republicans and Democrats remain divided on the decisiveness of the content and more so on the intent of this report, leaving it open to the worst type of interpretation. Two facts stands out clear that as per OLC opinion is that a sitting President cannot be indicted and that Russia continues to meddle in US democracy. A body blow to democracy, nonetheless.


Sanjay Sahay

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