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Ransomware is turning out to be the new Ebola, the digital one. From its popular genesis in WannaCry, though it been existing earlier as well, it has gained from strength to strength, in the process becoming the most favoured tool of the hackers and presumably in some cases even nation states behind them. The Eternal Blue of the National Security Agency / WannaCry fame appeared out of the wild to hit Baltimore on 7th of May 2019 and the city is struggling with it. The two small municipalities in the area ended up paying up ransom after they had seen the harsh recovery process and the cost involved of some others who decided to go the hard way.

Close on the heels on all these high profile breaches bringing the govt. to its kneels, with investigation making no headway in the mecca of IT behemoths and IT security companies, is another dangerous news from South Africa. A ransomware attack hit the City Utility power from Johannesburg this morning which encrypted all is systems, including databases and applications. Lots of services pertaining to the citizens have got affected and submitting invoices need to the done physically. Being able to get into critical systems might lead to the acts of sabotage etc in the coming days, who knows.

Yes another disturbing news comes from Louisiana where the Governor has declared a state of emergency, might be the first time for a series of ransomware attacks. The attacks targeted the school districts. ”This Emergency Declaration will allow Louisiana state resources and cyber security experts to assist local governments in securing their network.” Morehouse, Sabine, Monroe City and Quachita school districts were infected with ransomware in July 2019, that caused disruption to the computer / phone systems.

Cyber War has been raging in different ways and forms with different methods leading to differential impacts most of the time not affecting the common masses. Ransomware has brought the issue right in the middle of our daily life and existence. Acting conclusively in the only way out. Wishing it away is not going to help, our future will never forgive the evaders


Sanjay Sahay

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