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Literally everything life is uncertain; human life has been a battle to make it as certain and predictable creating tools and solutions to achieve the same.  We try to replicate these models and systems to our lives. Some might be successful.  Nonetheless, this war of attrition goes on; the earlier you get comfortable with uncertainty, the better placed you are to win the battle of life, losses notwithstanding.  Lack to this skill gets manifested in large number of individuals, enterprises and societies.

 The inability to handle uncertainty is hugely seen amongst the startups though they should actually have a diametrically opposite DNA.  Management thought puts startups and uncertainty as one and the same thing. They are wedded to each other and winning the mental battle over uncertainty is half the battle won of entrepreneurship.  Our families and societies don’t appreciate uncertainty and grooming doesn’t help create this skill.

 This leads to a risk averse culture.  A risk averse culture propels status quo. Status quo cannot by its very nature bring change, more so in the momentous ones that is defining our present and the certainly future. This social and individual make cannot be the breeding ground of entrepreneurs.  If you make some money out of your startup venture; are you ready to part with it for another round of risky ventures.

Our discomfort with even expected uncertainties like floods / famines / man made disasters is widely manifested in the way he react and respond, provide relief and succour and our capability to remain engaged till the time the complete task of rehabilitation is fully complete.  With the capability to handle uncertainty, we also learn the skill to endlessly engage and the capability to battle it out till the end.  At the end of the day, only you prevail.

The one who prevails in life is the eventual winner. In exponential times this would be the game changer.


Sanjay Sahay

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