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Connectedness is a state of mind which provides coherence to one’s existence in a multidimensional manner. As the world gets more connected, the expected logical corollary is that human connectedness would improve. On the contrary, unconnectedness has increased. This is borne out both by the presence of negative impacts & lack of positive ones. If only the connectedness had an organic growth, the overall impact could have been transformational.

APRANET, the precursor of Internet in the US propelled both defence & academic research. It delivered revolutionary results. Have we been able to achieve even a fraction of it with Internet, a much more robust & information intensive framework. Have we tried to use this connectedness for professional excellence to deliver high end collaborative research products? Connectedness propelled human resource connects did not happen, it remained at the technical connect level. It got used for negative results like mob lynchings & variety of other nefarious impacts but not for positive & proactive results.

Machines develop trust through IP addresses & various other protocols & run in a robust manner. Unfortunately, human beings are wired differently, trust gets a long time to get built& needs a great effort from both the sides. Only then interpersonal relationship develops which is at the core of professional & relationships; their quality & performance. With the onset of the digital age & then of the social media; the vanishing of geographical unconnectedness was expected to usher human connectedness, which did not happen. The machines can expedite interaction and purpose, they cannot create one.

Social Media connectedness is ephemeral. “Like” induced dopamine can only add to unconnectedness, as the results don’t seem to come by in the real world. The synthesis of the two worlds can bring the desired change. Unfortunately, we have perfected the art of enacting social & professional connectedness.


Sanjay Sahay

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