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Technology propelled change is our future, has already become the well accepted thought, going by the experience of last decade or so. The pace has been mind boggling, struggle with the basics, we keep flaunting the gadgets we own & technologies we use. The electronic media is a product of the mass scale technological upheaval, which has completely usurped us all. Their ongoing technological upgradation is certainly one critical component in their market share & gaining competitive edge.

Nonetheless, nearly all of them carry the same / similar content, follow the same stories, same personalities, same spokesperson; the difference limited to language, articulation, aggression, voice modulation & decibel levels. There is another world; the technology world, where the churning is happening, impacting us in ways we can’t even imagine of. Awareness, dissemination in small bits & pieces in knee jerks, has not been able to make an all pervasive impact, imperative for out digital existence.

Electronic media provides the glue & keeps the masses fixated on whatever they decide as the narrative of the nation. From serials being at the top of the charts, news has become the prima donna. They have made happen. Technology can very well become the next favorite. A dedicated technology TV channel can facilitate our transformation into a tech-enabled society, where usable tech becomes the lingua franca. Where people are able to find the now not so visible connect between technology and life. Where technologists, academicians, users, citizens through creative, path breaking tech journalism can create an one of it’s kind tech ecosystem in this country.

The start-ups need this. The nation needs to know. This channel slowly becomes a knowledge repository. It also becomes a great platform where the tech and the non-tech world connects. Common sense debates might give solutions to insurmountable issues. The power of collaboration nobody can fathom out. Technology needs a better deal to facilitate growth & development. The Indian society in the changed environment, would be receptive for sure. Winds of change have uncanny ways of making change happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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