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The knowledge available to us on a fingertip seems to have far exceeded our capability to handle. Its available on imaginable array of forms, formats, analysis, sources and mediums strewn all around mainly in the digital world and some in the physical world, not decipherable to the most of us so accustomed with conventional knowledge of textbooks, official documents, encyclopaedias and the like. Handling unconventional knowledge is an art we should to learn to collate, assimilate, comprehend and put today’s knowledge to its  rightful use.

The World is Flat authored by Thomas Friedman written with a similar thought puts forth a well substantiated case of immense opportunity emanating out of it. Have we been able to tap it to the fullest? Why new ideas and systems of communication are not generated by most of the people is most parts of the world is the moot question. The capability to tap the unconventional knowledge has to go hand in hand with the conventional wisdom which we ought to possess.

To discern what we require for our narrative, analysis or research, out of this unconventional knowledge is the knack which seems to be completely missing. The cut / copy / mechanism does not connect with the needs and comes out unstuck when we try and align it to our requirements. Wisdom of extending our personal knowledge to the existing and easily available knowledge is the panacea to our knowledge requirements. What we can reach out upon as and when required and make a sense of it, decides our success in the present fast moving, dynamic and the real world.

Conventional wisdom is the key to make the unconventional knowledge work for you. Its the mental software to create a deliverable out of the world of current knowledge. Knowing your narrative, structure, flow, and the final goal builds the expertise to find a method to best utilise the  digital madness.


    Sanjay Sahay


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