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It’s an irony of our existence that the most unthinkable activity in our lives has been, having an independent & individual based thinking. The biological evolution of our brain has been in exactly the opposite direction. We are born to think and thinking happens to be the only differentiator between us and rest of living animals on this planet. Human life without  thinking is unthinkable, is what all of us accept.

The reality is totally different. We run our lives on preconceived notions or other’s thinking, which generally does not gel either with our thought process or our goals. Education means marks, professional education should end up in hefty pay package, government budgeting means utilisation, NGO’s awareness campaigns should be synonymous with gloss, marketing means packaging, advertisement means fanciful slogans, democracy is tantamount to winning elections, parenting means sparing enough money for the child, modern world generates stress, feeling of being less paid all the time; the list can be endless. One size fits all is the order of the day.

Thinking in the first place and more so contrarian thinking has decided the fate and destinies of individuals, societies and nations is a fact of life. Even further, the distorted reality field became a reality for Steve Jobs and the world he created. Marketing surveys have no relevance is what he set out to prove and he did. Think different had become his brand statement, making him an icon of our times. And finally to the crazy ones; “because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Undeniably, it’s difficult to put a thinking hat outright. Starting to think what suits you the best, based on available information, taking relevant inputs with bit of a strategy can be a new beginning for individuals, families, communities, enterprises and the nation alike. Nobody can think for us. Thinking can’t be outsourced.


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