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Nobody would ever be able to understand the world from all its dimensions. The effort will turn out to be futile. In the same breath one can say that if somebody doesn’t want to understand any subject or issue from even one dimension, he will not be able to understand it at all. If you are not able to make the depth required of one aspect of one issue, you will never be able to pick up that trait. If you don’t pick that trait, you would always remain a superficial player. This precisely means whether you understand the knowledge game or not? The long and short of today’s world is that if you don’t understand the knowledge game, you will always remain an outsider in today’s world.

You will also remain an outsider in your area of supposed competence too. That is the challenge the world is facing today. The ultimate reality is that nobody will be able to teach you to understand the knowledge game. In this quick fix world everybody is trying to teach this skill with elan. The beauty of the whole game is that mostly the person who is trying to teach this skill, may not have the skill himself. You will have to find your way out. As is the case of traversing any untrodden path, the route is unknown, the unpredictability factor is pretty high, it might happen that you might not reach that stage too. Understanding the knowledge game is that stage.  Very few people are able to reach.

The ones who do, they become the super successes in today’s knowledge world. Understanding the knowledge game is less for academics and more so for real life professional, entrepreneurial, technological and a host of other subjects. For real research this has become the eyeopener, that is the reason for differential levels of research successes. The ones who get past the real understanding game, are keen on unravelling knots after knots, is what research is all about. When you start coming to findings which are all you own and have the capability to substantiate it, you have understood the knowledge game.

Understanding this game and using it to your advantage elevates your learning, professional and experiential, to the next level of knowledge and can further take to a rarefied atmosphere of wisdom. This skill is behind a whole host of tech entrepreneurs, who are redefining business through their quest of understanding the knowledge game. They have been adding newer and newer tools to harvest knowledge as they understand the game now and can keep creating the magic. From DeepMind to Blockchain seminal papers are all living examples to where this thought process can take you to. Understanding the knowledge game is the key of understanding everything else.


Sanjay Sahay

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