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World today is connected way more than we can even imagine. The hyper connected world which we fancy, in the sense of the information superhighways can just be treated as the beginning. What is happening with that connectivity, intra-platform, across platforms, in the digital world is the real story. How it impacts different individuals, companies, geographies and classes is another civilizational story. How a YouTube gets connected to Google revenues and your earnings is the story of the day? How does Google earn while being free for most of its services and still being world’s leading IT behemoth? How does it impact the quality of knowledge imparted?

Google happens to be the market leader in online advertising for over a decade. ”More than 80% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Google ads, which generated $147 billion in revenue last year.” YouTube too contributes to the kitty. It has wide and varied expressions. YouTube has become a teachers paradise. It is not the teaching which is being imparted in colleges, it is whatever is relevant and also in what you can create relevance. You can create a new niche where you can be a global guru. An UK doctor makes more money compared to his salary through YouTube videos etc. only on topics which nobody would have discussed but for this medium, information and guidance in areas where  lots are in need. So anybody can get onto this bandwagon.

The subject; conventional or highly innovative, knowledge or skill based or full of information which has a market, so far un-catered would be lapped. The content, the method of delivery besides immediate relevance is the king. YouTube is producing their own sensations, who become successes and in the process make neat sums from the platform. The YouTube teachers can come from any background who over a period of time have realized that they have value to offer to the viewers and decide to launch their videos. In the digital world testing waters is pretty easy, your viewership decides everything. Today is the world of fascinating eyeballs towards yourself and keeping them intact for as long as possible. If they keep coming back you are a sure winner.

The viewership translates into ads being viewed and through the YouTube formula you get your small share. Those small shares can add up into a sizable sum. The new concept of passive income comes out of this model. It is being variously being used in the digital social media world. YouTube has become the new Guru for every single requirement. Undoubtedly, being an open platform, it is nobody’s case to control the content, the wheat and chaff are supposed to separate through viewership. YouTube channels have thus become a rage in every single subject / issue / area and proficiency, lots which one could have never imagined, finds a market. Teaching has got a new home. Anybody can be a teacher as long as he can add value. The knowledge repository can leave anybody in amazement.


Sanjay Sahay

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