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The vision of unfair people to create a fair system can be termed as the height of altruism. It is something like the political parties which abhor intra-party democracy, trying to be the harbingers of ushering in vibrant and robust democracy in the country. It is akin to people who have somehow managed through the educational system or remained on its side lines become proponents of a fair, talent enabled objectively merit-based system. They can also be the people who would have manipulated the system. The nominations to the Rajya Sabha are on, and the House of Elders was supposed to bring in a different level of knowledge, acumen, and statesmanship, complementing and supplementing the Lok Sabha, in their task of law making, holding govt. responsible and bringing in legislative check and oversight through its Committees.

It seems Rajya Sabha has become an easy route to enter the Union Legislature, for people who have been blessed, for a variety of reasons, politics having the best of it. A large number of Rajya Sabha MPs are in the Union Cabinet as well. They can be given a seat for any state. How fair is this for a large number of people, accomplished in every way to be a Rajya Sabha MP and could do yeomen service to the nation? Is it just a game of power, position, tantrums and benefits or does it have anything to do with a fair system. There are so many areas of law making where talent and expertise of a different type is required, which also happens to be available. The million-dollar question is how do they help create a fair system, which benefits all and bring in a legal regime by each of their enactments being passed for the benefit of the nation.

The lip service for a fair system has been in shrill and optics, since this democratic country came into existence and but the actions prove the real intent much better than words. The issue in question is what percentage of the Indians feel, that we live in a fair system and would vouch for it. Conversely, what percentage of the country can vouch for not having faced an unfair system in their day-to-day life and when a crisis has hit them. An unfair system expresses itself in a variety of ways, the plight of woes does not end, more for the underprivileged and people who have to battle it out for their due. In the very same manner, a fair system if in place, would catch up with you somehow or the other and deliver at least the minimum level of what you expect to get.

More often than not you are advised to learn to navigate the system, because that is the only way you can survive, it so believed. Being unfair comes out of your experience and the benefits you have derived out of an unfair system. You would certainly like to perpetuate that, because it would work in your favour and those of the same ilk. And there are large chunks of people in the trade. The other equally important question is, can unfair people run a fair system, which they have been legally mandated to do. The norms, conventions, interpretations, behavioural attributes and responses of the powers at all levels are divergent to an extent, that the system does not remain even a shade of the fair system, which was so assiduously created. The question remains, can unfair people create or run a fair system, and the answer is an emphatic No.

Sanjay Sahay

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