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One of the best creations of human existence has been the universities which has been in regular currency from towards the end of the 11th Century. Never ever their capability to meet the ever changing challenges of the civilisation, making students job ready and contributing value to research and development been under scrutiny as it is today. If we leave humanities the education for the time being, the technology and management education is under fire not having the gumption to match up with the endless, fast paced and complex changes all around us.

The challenge to the prevalent technical education is coming from the IT behemoths who find the grads wanting in large number of skills, the degree taking a long time; four years and that too mostly it is generic nature. The costing part in another component in question given the fact the huge fees these courses entail in the best of the universities in the west. The Moore’s Law is catching up everywhere!

The Moore’s Law primarily states that the computational power would double every 18 to 24 months. Gordon Moore one of the co-founders of Intel enunciated a prophecy cum law which has turned out to be true for the last 50 years and is still goes strong. What was thought to be a technological issue has extrapolated into our whole existence, because at the base of all momentous technological transformation is the microchip. Everything else has to catch up, including education!

Speed is killing. The market place / products are not ready to wait for knowledge / skills / competencies. Education Lag. Memory, the core element of education is not at a premium now; Alexas, Siris and GAs et al. Computer Science degrees are getting obsolete in three years. Teachers need to go to schools, 1988 degree is outdated for 2019. Companies train resources on specialised skills in 3-6 months and companies are starting universities. The technological narrative is in business enterprise’s control and not universities.


Sanjay Sahay

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