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We are sure of what is public property, smallest to the biggest and how we should use and preserve it. We are not sure what are national assets are! We can just treat a few things in that category depending on our perception and understanding but that does not create the necessity and urgency of regarding an institution / people / enterprise vital to our existence. We got to have a national consensus on what we value and also purpose behind it. This idea ought to settle in our minds and so does the name and importance of those assets.

While not trying to enumerate the list of such national assets and reasons thereof, simple understanding indicates one major reason being future needs, the creators of such Human Resources certainly fall in this exalted category. This is the Educational Infrastructure of the nation. What all we intend to include, in which manner and the purpose thereof is a matter of detail. As of now from pre-schooling to past doctoral degrees are supposed to be a matter of free enterprise, where affiliation, permission, accreditation, licensing etc. only matter.

The ownership and purpose is primarily private. Even in the govt. ones the concept of national assets does not exist. Once it is made, announced or treated consensually as National Asset, whole purpose of its existence changes and so does our outlook towards it, even of every organ of society and the state. It puts immense responsibilities on the shoulders of those who manage it. The whole concept of that I am doing my small little job is dispensed with.

That you are involved in nation buliding gives you the pride of the place. That the products of the educational infrastructure have to get connected to the purpose of the nation. That paying fees and getting a degree is not the purpose and certainly not only getting a package for oneself / family. And lots unemployed / unemployables. Educational Infrastructure is a national asset and has to be used for the betterment / transformation of industry / economy / research & development and indirectly the society and polity of the nation.


Sanjay Sahay

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