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To be relevant today is a challenge & to aspire to be the harbinger of change is a dream extraordinaire. Unplanned, uncharted, untrodden is the path, everything unknown, only purpose & passion you can depend upon. Ability to improve incessantly helps incessantly. Being dynamic & real time is an energy that never fails. Daily Post falls in this category. An small step towards change through knowledge dissemination in a generic format, useful to one & all.

Globally validated knowledge in a precise, cogent & challenging style, served hot on the plate, can enamour anybody to relish & digest. For the not so easy learners consistency might do the trick. Make people change through knowledge is a service nobody intends to deliver. The pains are immense. Knowledge, as per popular perception is positioned at an exalted level. Making it proletarian & usable is the challenge being addressed by the Daily Post.

Inspiration & motivation as stand-alone products, Daily Post does not believe in. The inspiration comes from the practice, projects, relevant knowledge & faith in the person who propagates it. The connect of the concept, theory & fact with the existing scenario and providing a roadmap, makes a neat recipe for change even for the fence sitters. The punch line provides the appropriate jolt to the non-believers. Facts, data and empirical & objective analysis remains beyond the realm to taking sides. Data based planning shall always deliver.

Every writing has a writer. Profession it might be for lots. For the few who stray into it & make sense in the areas they decide to, have a long & arduous journey of hard work & suffering. The proactive writings giving a clarion call for change, is the most positive manifestation of the persona & his thought process. With its 500th edition, Daily Post continues to defy both time & space, with the sole aim of rattling reader’s mind to ignite change. Perseverance prevails.


Sanjay Sahay

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