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The future is not ours to see, what will be, will be. Some can see it partially & few others can see it with clarity. It propels grit & the determination to go for it. This rare capability of a human being is visualisation. To be able to see the result of our action in a futuristic manner, is termed visualisation. Normal mortals are bogged down with mundane work, this trait of the human brain remains unused. It needs time, energy, application of mind & consistent practice, to understand the impact of any action beyond the present time. Most of us find it as an un-meaningful exercise of fantasy. The architects of transatlantic Internet cables in the nineties could visualise today’s Internet traffic. Sam Pitroda could visualise the change, with the onset of connectivity.

The charisma of visualisation can make you a path breaker & a change agent. M S Swaminathan could visualise a country, reaping the benefits of green revolution & Dr. Kurien could see the White Revolution unfolding. Visualisation of the final product, provides the capability to understand the process.

Singularity University founders Ray Kurzweil & Peter Diamandis are putting forth their visualisation of the technological future of mankind in front of us. How Singularity will happen & even with the fast increase of world population, poverty will not increase but on the contrary, abundance will happen. Futurists we can call them. Though it easy to give examples from technology, they do exist in other fields.

The visualisation mindset can make any one of us a small or big visionary. Visualisation thus is the abstract blueprint of the visionaries. They visualise the fate of nations & societies, decades from now. That the cities would rule the world & nations at best would be adjuncts, is another visualisation. Though it lacks detailed clarity to start with, it is the only way to surge ahead. It is human cognition of a future date, being made available today.


Sanjay Sahay

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