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For the uninitiated, analysis of data quite simplistic, at best, based on the conventional statistical models. The complexity of data has increased mutiple fold in the digital age and with it the requirements. Data in its various dimensions & formats could not be analysed on the conventional data analysis models, to meet the complex requirements. Even a combination of all the models fail given the nature of human cognition. Here the technique of visualisation comes handy. ”Information visualisation is the study (interactive) visual representations of abstract data to reinforce human cognition.”

The final frontier in this field today is abstract visualisation. An abstraction of data in a visual format understandable to human cognition by way of patterns & aberrations. It’s like opening of the proverbial, not only the third eye, but even the four, fifth, sixth and further. The clarity it provides is mind boggling but making it happen and utilising it is still a challenge. It is at best in the nascent stage and it would be sometime before it can used as a generic standalone product for wide and varied requirements.

It’s emergence is the culmination of research, in areas as diverse as; ”human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology & business methods.” Unfortunately, most of the previous work on either low level tasks or high level tasks, leaving a huge gap unattended which could benefit the huge chunk of average users & requirements. A multi-level typology of abstract visualisation tasks and creating appropriate solutions is the key.

From a Cyber Securtiy angle, given nature of gigantic source codes it is next to impossible to detect any manipulation made into it. Even best of available models are not capable enough to detect the breach / flaw / vulnerability. Abstract visualisation throws patterns easy for an expert to understand the aberrations. A great tool indeed for lots of requirements, yearning for solutions.


Sanjay Sahay

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