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In the fast paced consumerist world, with social media providing the visibility bandwidth, it seems we are all wedded to novelty. It somehow translates to readiness for change. The best designer outfits, watches, shoes, food, locations & the urge to show something different & showcase it to the world. The expectation is that the world should lap you with appreciation. And so does it happen; true or false or quid pro quo. Does the charisma of novelty end here? How many times have you professed & practiced worthwhile novelty? Do you derive positivity & energy out of it?

The answer is NO. To add insult to injury, the effort itself is missing. While we all attend meetings in our professional life, do you remember, when you last came up with a novel idea? Keep documenting all your novel ideas, then you will realise what is real contribution, what is out of box beyond the realm of the jargon. Have we even tried creating a new template while we keep professing the benefits of breakthrough thinking . The gap between what we profess & what we practice is abysmal.

With knowledge bursting at it seems, the academia is bereft of novelty. From ideas to teaching pedagogy to even usage of globally validated knowledge. The most creative aspect of their novelty are the meaningless jargons on their websites & glossy brochures. Placement takes the place of novelty& change. Newer & effective methods of attracting students and somehow place then; from the pass percentage to the placement percentage, is the killer number. Outright talent stagnation in the Indian IT , where innovation & disruption should rule, does not forebode well.

Even the gadgets, tools, utilities we use in a stunted way. Social media seems to the solo novelty showcase for us; with social activity & self advertising at its best. Photos & videos have found their cocoons. Anything that comes without an effort, one falls for it. Worst still, rattling one’s mind is unacceptable. Stress is not human & life is a honeymoon.


Sanjay Sahay

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