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The world celebrates International Women’s Day today on 8th of March. Bringing the world together for a cause has been one singular achievement for this movement. While we celebrate the iconic women & milestones achieved with the elan it deserves, the events & the gloss takes over. The publicity which it entails is doing yeomen service worldwide & the awareness gets consolidated. Rural women remain uncovered, slow in change & uncovered by any celebration.

Life is beyond celebrations, the brick & mortar of real life, grind which goes behind it, making change happen is a long haul. Foresight, vision & hard work finally makes things happen. With this in mind, the theme for the year, Press for Progress, makes immense sense. While pressing for progress what is important is to be the progress yourself. The mindset of progress is a must which should sustain. Consolidating even small achievements, personal & general, helps in creating a critical mass, which hastens future change. In the process one also learns the skills to navigate in this complex world.

While girls have always out beaten the boys in academics, at the higher levels we don’t find proportionate number to the academic credentials gained. It is broadly a level playing field in established professions by now. Might be the crisis of aspirations or dependency syndrome sets in, they are ready to settle for lower jobs than they actually deserve. The grind to the top is challenging. Role models are already there and biting the challenge should be the norm. Enabling ecosystem propelling individual excellence will happen, breaking the glass ceiling.

Large number of girls have been entering the medical profession for long, in the cutting edge challenging area, we have few at the top. Panchayati Raj institutions have representations 33% & beyond for women; has the consequent assertion and change happened? Defeating the rival in competencies is the best way out. We are at the cusp of monumental change, it can be made to happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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