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Are you able to reel off facts and figures of your professional work; the work that is your bread and butter? Are you extremely comfortable with the changing narrative, are you able to fathom out the problem and are you confident of finding out a solution, every single time, effort notwithstanding? Based on what you remember of work done on any activity, does it provide you a comprehensive view? Do you then feel you the master of that engagement? Do you have to fall back on subordinates and superiors to find a meaning into the facts, figures and narratives already provided to you? Can you find a new meaning?

If you find yourself in a conundrum with these questions, you are not the only one. Most the famed professionals can give you company, who and people of their ilk have been validating have been validating themselves on a regular basis. What you do remember is the work to be done for the next family marriage, the total number of holidays in the year and how to manage it, what your wore on the last social function, updating your CV, keep engaging prospective employers, the methods you used to save the max amount of income tax, people who demotivated you, how you were able to make best investments or missed out on it, how you missed out some financial perks of the company?

Anything which benefits you and gives you happiness you remember with extreme amount of clarity. You feel happy in engaging in most of these activities, knowing more about it, storing in permanent memory, enjoy retracing it and keep using as data for further such requirements and having a clear cut narrative on all such issues – past, present and future. The actual professional work happens to be momentary, you have get over it and get relieved for the day, week, month or year.

While we do, what we do, restricting the iconic professionalism at best to the routine documentation and not in the free flowing RAM, we all boast of it as Harvard Business School Professors of not only of facts, figures and the narrative but of creativity, out of the box ideas and innovation. We can start from having a memory recall of whatever we need at whatever time for our professional requirements.


Sanjay Sahay

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