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*If you look around, you will find it extremely difficult to find many who have been inspired in last so many years.* Like the buzzwords of creativity and innovation, inspiration has the capability of attracting eyeballs. It has also got into the same genre as awesome, which is being recklessly used unabated. The circulation of such stories over the social media and influencers being born by the dozen, *the logical expectation was that we would move in the direction of becoming a hugely inspired society.* The situation turned out to be exactly the opposite. In our day to day life, how many people do you find full of energy and *how many do you find really thrilled in doing the job they do.* If the answer is not an overwhelming yes, there is a big issue at hand.

*All parents have tried to inspire their children, how many of them actually get inspired is another story.* Inspiration is not a movie or a video or story to be heard or appreciated, it the process of inculcating the ideas and behavioural traits in your life and make a success out of it, basing on whatever inspired you. *When the parents are not able to display themselves as inspirational role models, mere talking of inspiration cannot go a long way.* At a functional level, the kid should find a meaning in the work the parents do and on a very objective and empirical analysis should get something worthwhile to emulate. *There are times the inspiration hits like a flash in the pan, but do the parents have the capability to make it blossom in their child.*

*For the matured, practical and agenda ridden society, inspiration is a dichotomy they have live with.* They have decided not to ever get inspired. On the other hand, they are ready to pick baser values and practices at a pace unimaginable. This transformation is taking the society into a nose dive, which was unthinkable till about two decades back.  Appreciating inspiration has become a fad. They have to do it because others are also doing it, not because they believe in it. The gap between appreciating inspirational role models and their work and trying to put it into your life, is the difference the between very casual reading and topping a top class national competitive exam.

Getting inspired is a value. A society cannot grow without values. They are the directional north star. They impact our thought process. It means an open mind. A closed mind can never get inspired. If we were to draw a Getting Inspired Index of a society / community and finally the impact it lead to, you will be able to the gauge the growth trajectory. Inspiration for sure can be infectious, the challenge we have not been able to create such an ecosystem. *An inspired nation would end up becoming a progressive one, whatever come may. An inspired person is most likely to become a path breaking leader. An inspired nation can never be a failed nation.


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