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These are not words; they make most part of human life. The give the best life has to offer. Different modes of expression what make human life so different, so fascinating and worth living every moment. For every moment of rigor, life provides myriads of feelings and expressions that helps you perform well, bring down the stress out of human interactions. I for one believe that human life was not meant to be stress creating even in worst of the times, we have made utmost effort to take it to its lowest ebb. Stress enabled life and slowly become moron could well be the order of the day.

Leaving aside personal life for the time being, what is public life all about with expressions and modalities under discussion. When you don’t have anything great offer, acting serious can be your saviour. Have we seen in the last few decades our parliamentarians engaging in any fun and frolic? They seem to be always battled and also battle ready, in the temples of democracy and outside. Lack of fun and frolic with all the attendant modes of expression bringing them to fist fighting at the drop of a hat. Gone are the days when parliamentary debates were laced with wit and sarcasm.

Parliament and legislatures are not battlefields, these are places of thinking heads, of people with finesse in language and communication, who understand the nuances of different fields and keep improving upon it. What cannot be expressed in the manner they do, can be very impactfully expressed by the proper and intelligent mix of wit, humour, sarcasm and satire and other such modes. It can leave a mental imprint and impact way beyond we can imagine of. The truism of human existence is that wit, humour, sarcasm, satire etc are directly proportional to the intellect and your capability to deliver. The human machine is designed that way, if cannot be changed as per our convenience.

What is public domain without wit, humour, sarcasm and satire? A series of sermons and gyan which even the preachers don’t practice. The battle cry which has no battle in it. When the whole of best performing public domain class is devoid of it, public domain has been brought down to the level it has been. Fun and frolic means costly travels, hotels and modes of fun where they keep getting caught, why can’t our daily public life have a fair dose of fun and frolic. Nobody has been transacted to carry the cross end to end. Even otherwise our tryst with accountability enabled public domain life is yet to start. Time to bring sanity to our existence, public domain way of life has to change comprehensively.

Sanjay Sahay

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