Daily Post 1275


We will never be the same again. Anyone who would go through this experience will have his complete world view transformed. Not only the priorities of life would change but he would be able to value life in a different way. The ephemeral nature of our experiences have for long troubled us, not being able to create mental imprints which are life changing. This experience would be etched in stone for posterity for individual, society, nation and the world, what we do with it would decide the destiny of the world.

Epidemics were a story of the past, which we read in history books. Vaccine after vaccine we conquered the world. Medical practitioners, resources, infrastructure we envied in some far developed parts of the world. Artificial Intelligence, Watsons had started giving and predicting medical solutions with elan. Heath was becoming the mecca of Artificial Intelligence. Buoyancy in the health sector was reaching the levels of medical tourism. A pandemic bringing down the world to its knees was way beyond anybody’s imagination.

Medical infrastructure and health strategy has to be redefined for all times. That our basic existence needs a bigger share of the financial resources will be drilled into the planners and decision makers the world over. Taking things for granted as a mindset should be thrown out of the window. The pace of life of dealing / handling everything in a jiffy has brought us here. The multitasking enigma. Being on the move. All these well established modern ghosts will have to given a decent burial.

International collaboration in non-commercial matters too matter immensely. The world’s seamless supply chains, Human Resource’s movements and stay, global technology ease has to sustained by legally mandated global protocols, same as that of the internet. Mapping and making known world’s resources and production capability can make the world better equipped. Globalisation 2.0 would be the protocol to elevate human existence to a fully sustainable level. Life is beyond money.


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