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Richness and wealth and how to get there are one of the most intriguing riddles of human existence. Everybody has a formula to it, tried or untried, tested or otherwise. The thought might be out of hearsay or some authentic research. Everyone has a view on it and one tries to make the best out of his situation to elevate his financial situation. It is ascribed to Elon Musk that the ability to create wealth is being rich. He might be the best example from being penniless to a billionaire to near bankruptcy and then going on to become the richest person on earth, who can have a better command on this topic and experience. In his roller coaster ride to riches, wealth and beyond, he has seen varieties of ways of making of wealth, losing, sustaining it or increasing  it and any number of who individuals have made it to the wealthy slot, in sustainable and unsustainable ways.

The ability to make wealth is being rich. This might be the most simplistic and most definitive definition of richness. Wealth does not mean having a fat bank account, it can be one of the biggest misconceptions of life, which can drive to madness, euphoria or a lost purpose in life. Wealth being primarily the ability to make wealth, hence,  we find an extremely freaky story which gets repeated with the winners of gambling and lottery. Elon Musk is of the opinion that even if someone wins 100 million dollars, he cannot be called a rich man. The other way round he is a poor man with a lot of money. It is for this reason why 90% of the lottery millionaires become poor again after 5 years. It sounds strange, but it is reality that wealth first of all is a state of mind.

Most corrupt and the criminals are poor people, however much they might project themselves to be rich. Whenever they are in front of money, they lose their mind. This is the reason for which they want to steal, rob, take bribes, graft, nepotism and what not. The unfortunate part with them is they do not know how they could earn money by themselves. Would you like to be in that category, however sophisticated it is made out to be? On the other end of spectrum, if you see a young person, who professes that the problem is the state and he is also of the opinion that all rich men are thieves and also keeps on criticizing constantly, be sure he is poor man. These two categories can never become wealthy, their thought processes would never allow them create the ability, which facilitates generating wealth.

It might sound strange, but the modern world has been built by such people. ”You also have rich people who have no money.” Most of the entrepreneurs fall in this category. The wealthiest persons in the world today were in this category in recent memory.  Even though they don’t have money, for sure they are on their way to wealth. What they are creating in these years is financial intelligence and that would translate into wealth, in the days to come. Then how are rich and poor different? ”The rich may die to become rich, while the poor may kill to become rich.” Your attitude to wealth and richness is your biggest wealth.


Sanjay Sahay

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